Kevin Freedman

Kevin Freedman Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Bioengineering

Ph.D., Drexel University, Chemical and Biological Engineering, 2014

Whitaker Post-Doctoral Fellow, Imperial College London, Chemical Physics & Bioengineering, 2016

Senior Fellow, Jointly appointed at Global Viral & Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's Joint Genome Institute, 2017

Research Areas

Single molecule methods, nano-sensors and molecular manipulation, biophysics, device characterization and device physics, microfluidics, molecular kinetics, electrical and optical recordings.

Contact Information

Department of Bioengineering

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  • Bourns A139
Dr. Freedman's group at UCR is focused on developing and characterizing micro and nanotechnology for studying unexplored biological systems and pathways, single cells, molecular biophysics, and kinetics.  As a Whitaker Fellow, he obtained postdoctoral training at Imperial College London (UK) in the laboratory of Prof. Joshua Edel. At this position, he worked on single molecule trapping technology harnessing dielectrophoresis (DEP) as well as integration with nanopipettes for single molecule DNA detection.  Other successful projects included the engineering of nanoscale Raman sensors, single molecule FRET systems, and microfluidics. After leaving Imperial College London, Dr. Freedman joined Global Viral and LBNL's Joint Genome Institute to work on single cell genomics, metagenomics, and bias-free 16S sequencing.  In 2014, he earned his Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Drexel University while in the laboratory of Prof. MinJun Kim. During his doctoral work, Dr. Freedman worked to show that single proteins unfold one at a time as they pass through a nanopore per electric field denaturing forces.  Dr. Freedman has also held visiting scientist positions at KAIST (South Korea), University of Pennsylvania (USA), and Uppsala University (Sweden).  



2016-2017, Global Viral Fellows Program Fellowship Recipient, conducted at LBNL's Joint Genome Institute
2014-2016, Whitaker Post-Doctoral Fellowship, conducted at Imperial College London (UK), funded by The Institute of International 
2015, Whitaker Travel Grant Recipient, conducted at University of Cambridge(UK), funded by The Institute of International Education
2014, Doctoral Student with the Most Promise Award, Drexel University, Office of Graduate Studies
2013, Transmission electron microscopy Imaging Award, Drexel University, Centralized Research Facility
2010-2013, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
2009-2010, National Science Foundation IGERT Fellowship in Nano-Engineering
2009, Best Paper Award, ASME's International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
2009, Best Poster Award in Computational Biology, Drexel University
2008, Outstanding Poster Award, Drexel University’s College of Medicine